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The Cemetery Gates is an antique and oddity store that caters to weirdos, antique lovers and oddity collectors like myself. Run by Nathan Graves, the store holds an array of antique funerary decor, lots of old tintypes, ambrotype and cabinet card photographs, taxidermy, old occult books and heaps more!

The best thing about this store, in my opinion, is that they sell genuine products without over pricing them. On Etsy a tintype photography will set you back at least twenty dollars, depending on the image. Cemetery Gates sells them for between eight to fifteen dollars. And ambrotypes are just as well priced!

Shipping for taxidermy and other animal oddities is a lot to be shipped to Australia. But at the same time, it’s almost a miracle that they can actually ship these products here. Many stores do not, because of our firm laws surrounding taxidermy and the culling of animals.

I first found out about this store on Instagram where they post all their product pictures and lots of behind the scenes pictures.

Shop is closed today so I can go picking. I’ll be posting to my story from the dirt mall so check it out for dibs, etc.

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I haven’t bought from this store as of yet! Trust me, I’m biding my time. I’m obsessed with those crucifix light bulbs (which are unfortunately sold out). In the meantime, I’ll have to settle for a tonne of tintypes!

What do you think? I know a lot of you are not fans of oddity and taxidermy collection (you guys ought to know I am!), but I feel like the array of funerary antiques is incredible! Would you buy any of this stuff?

The Cemetery Gates Product Image Links

Antique TintypeTaxidermy Hanging BatRosary Knife
Shrunken HeadFramed Funerary PlaqueBaby Tintype
Aligator Head TaxidermyCrucifix LightbulbVintage Ornate Box


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  1. September 9, 2017 / 2:54 am

    Thanks for the tip! I want all of their stuff now. That crucifix lightbulb is amazing and I need more taxidermy in my life.

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