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After the post Ways to Boost the Dark Style Blogging Community by The Mutant Stomp Friends (check her out if you haven’t, she writes amazing dark style posts!), I got thinking about how disenchanted I have been with the dark blogging community. Dark style blog hops and community posts have been fair and far between. So, when I found the The Darkling Tag in a recent blog post I immediately wanted to try it out!

These posts used to be so popular! I tag obvs. The Mutant Stomp Friends, Gothy Two Shoes, Graveyard Picnic, Midnight and Lace and Quiet and Conscientious.

The Darkling Tag was found on the blog Graveyard Kittens. I only included the questions that interested me. This tag is so long! But if you’d like to do the tag yourself, check her post first for the entire set of questions.

The Darkling Tag

Simple Questions

What is your favorite candle scent? My absolute favourite is pumpkin spice!
Do you have a favorite book? A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.
Are you a tea or coffee person? I work as a barista, so I’d have to say coffee.
What are your top three tips for surviving hot weather while black clad? My top tip is that most of the time the heat is in your head. Get dressed in a cooler room and you’ll be suprised how much easier the rest of your day ends up. Chiffon is also wonderful. And no layering stockings! Stick to sockies.
What song will always make you happy (doesn’t have to be a goth band)? Doing the Unstuck by The Cure. I have “Unstuck” tattooed on my arm as an homage to this song.
Are you active in the arts (ex. Play an instrument, paint, write, etc)? I have a degree in creative writing and English literature, with a minor in photography. So creative writing is my favourite. I also sing and play guitar. Sewing is also one of my favourite past times. There’s probably more! Creative pasttimes make my days typically happier.
What is your number one non-gothy hobby? Cooking! I love cooking vegan food, and I’ve tried to add that into this blog, but it’s never quite seemed to fit.

Thought Provokers:

If you could be a supernatural creature, what would it be and why? Vampire, obviously!
Do you feel confident or comfortable interacting with other Goths or gothy people (online or irl)? I feel pretty confident these days talking to others. The more jobs I’ve have that make me deal with people and, ugh, customer service, has made me much better at dealing with people in general.
Which is more important for a look: Great hair or great makeup? Makeup! Although hair does up that look to a new level.
Is there something you wish there was more of in your subculture? I’d love more of a Goth culture in Australia. It gets a little lonely down here sometimes! More than anything, more Goth bands playing here!
How are you at DIY? I love DIY but have been lacking ideas lately

Confessional (aka True or False)

I love watching cheesy romance films. True!
I ALWAYS remember to wash off my makeup at night. False. If I’m drunk, I’m drunk.
I wear non-black pajamas most nights. True. A couple months ago, I bought a bunch of vintage silk pyjama sets to wear.
I think Andrew Eldritch is overrated. True.
I don’t like vampires. False!
I don’t like clubs. True. I don’t like regular clubs. These days, I prefer bars!
I don’t enjoy graveyards. Blasphemy! I’ve had to stop going to graveyards because I go too often.
I don’t like haunted houses. False! Let’s go paranormal hunting!
I’ve never read Dracula. False. I’ve been studying classic literature for five years.
I think “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” is a long and boring song. False!
If you liked this, answer the questions to the Darkling Tag yourself! I’d love to see it. Link it below.


  1. August 18, 2017 / 12:45 pm

    Oh man, I’m not going to have good answers for most of these…

  2. August 18, 2017 / 7:18 pm

    I’d love to see more about vegan eating but I don’t really post about that, either. I’m not much of a cook, though! Not much to write about! Haha!

  3. August 18, 2017 / 9:33 pm

    Ooh this is a great challenge, thanks for tagging me! And omg, customer service, YES. I work in retail and even though I’ve become much better at talking to people in general, it’s also made me so much more bitter.

  4. August 19, 2017 / 12:16 am

    Oh fun! I wanna try this too!

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