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It’s been a little while since I’ve written a content post on this blog – these days I’m more into feeding my photography habit – but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading a lot of, well, everything. Delving deep into witchcraft, sneaking in some Abraham Hick’s while walking home from work, and forever checking in to my favourite alternative fashion blogs.

Haute Macabre – an oldie but a goodie. With a tagline that reads “It wasn’t just a phase” Haute Macabre proves that dark high fashion and alternative fashion can go hand in hand. It focuses on alternative brand and fashion spotlights, along with book reviews and outfit inspiration posts for the mature Goth.

Suspiria Magazine – This is a new magazine that I’m pretty sure branched off the well known witchcraft based Sabat Magazine.

“Encapsulating multitudes of the macabre and horrors of the human psyche, Suspira dissects sinister subjects through a feminine lens. Each themed issue explores an archetype of fear and fascination.”

Monsters is the theme of the first issue. When I saw this was available in an Instagram post by Aviv Grimm I snatched it up immediately. Not only is it amazingly aesthetically pleasing to look at, but I really liked the article on keeping your inner demons at bay and the beautiful photography throughout.

Dear Darkling – a site similar in tone to Haute Macabre with a focus on dark fashion and lifestyle, but less high fashion and more about introducing every little aspect of your life to the dark side.

Everything by Gabriela Herstik – Since quitting my job and finishing University I’ve had to pick up the pieces of my life and attempt to figure out what is really important to me. There’s so much out there to experience! But at the end of the day it all depends on your relationship with yourself. I’ve been working really hard to better my relationship with myself and focus on my personal growth (my issues with patience and genuine self care – not just baths!).

First I went exploring deep into the realm of witchcraft which led me straight to the beautiful witchy extrordinair Gabriela Herstik and her Nylon Ask a Witch Series, I read her book Craft: How to Be a Modern Witch and, really, anything else that she puts out into the universe. I’m reading her blog post on the act of receiving right now.

“We can’t control the outside forces in the universe, but we can control how we react to them. We can do this by breathing, by saying thank you and by connecting to our heart. We can do this by saying thank you to the universe, and by trusting. We can do this by making the art of receiving a practice.”

The Many Moon’s almanac 2018 Vol: 2 – traditionally an almanac is a kind of witches calendar of the year. It outlines the different seasons and the cycles of the moon and what to expect from each. The Many Moon’s almanac was my first time using anything like this and it’s been very out of my practice. What I find most interesting about using this tool is that I feel more connected and in tune with the changing cycles of the moon and with other people in the world. For each cycle – New, Quarter Moon, Full Moon and Last Quarter Moon – the author outlines the coming emotion that comes along with it and has been spot on each time for me! Sometimes I’ve found that hard to take. But it has let me know that I’m not alone in feeling the way I do sometimes and it explains ways to cope.

For example this Full Moon eclipse (27th of July) I’ve been feeling so up-and-down and even wrote a very intense journal entry about how “lost” I’ve been feeling. Well, of course, the Many Moon’s journal responded with this:

“We know she is there, carrying her messages of abundance, personal power, healing, but we cannot directly access her blessings because we—plant Earth and all of its inhabitants—are blocking them from view. We have plunged ourselves into darkness, and we are frantically groping around, trying to find our way back into the light.”

Baby Teeth Journal – Speaking of writing! A good friend of mine – you might remember the lovely Caitie from some of my photography – started her own Arts Journal. As her first feature she posted some of my photography. You should go check it out, along with the other amazing submissions!

That’s what I’ve been up to! What have you been reading? If you have any reading suggestions let me know in a comment. I’ve started reading daily again so feel free to suggest novels of any sort.


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