So, I purchased my first piece of latex!

I’ve only worn these beautiful beautiful gloves twice now and it’s already been a wild ride full of lessons. The first time I tried them on I tugged too harshly at the latex and permanently damaged them (yay). Then I convinced myself that I suck and should not be allowed to have nice latex ever. But after gently placing them in a drawer for a couple weeks (so as to not set them on fire or something just as clumbsy) I summoned all of my courage and asked Google for help.

The answer was lube.

No jokes. It takes a lot of lube to slip into skin tight latex clothing without damanging it. And as long as you don’t dig your fingers in and pull (it makes me cringe to think back on it) it’s actually pretty hard to hurt. I’m so sorry beautiful gloves!


Have you ever worn latex? Personally, I’ve always been a PVC girl. Even when I was a baby style blogger – I still have that skirt! It’s low maintenance, very pretty, and pretty cheap to buy. But it certainly doesn’t give that beautiful sucked in, tight feel and look.

I’m wearing latex gloves by Busted Brand, baby doll crop top from Dollskill, PVC shorts from Busted Brand.


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