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Trust me when I say, cleaning out my closet is well overdue. I try to clean out my closet a lot, but I tend to have unrealistic expectations. “Oh, I’ll wear that in the summer.” “But I remember that really cool outfit I made with that!” But when I actually started thinking back to how long ago that was (the pros of having a blog with lots of old outfits), I realised that some of the stuff I have in my closet I have either never worn or not worn in years. And, it’s good stuff! Going to waste!

I’m a huge proponant for second-hand shopping, it’s an easy way to shop sustainably and affordably!

A couple months ago I started uploading stuff to Depop. It’s so freakin’ easy and selling bits and pieces from my wardrobe. Brands like Killstar, Reformation, lots and lots of Unif, Dollskill, Current Mood, Widow, Deandri. I only sell my brand name stuff on there while the rest of my clothes go to local thrift stores. So, you know it’s good!

Go check it out @thewalrusroom on Depop for a good deal! I have heaps more stuff that will be up soon!


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