My Year in Review

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I’m definitely the kind of person who looks forward, and is constantly thinking about how I can get better and meet more goals. But that often means that I don’t celebrate what I achieve! This year I achieved some pretty cool things! Small things and big things alike. But I have a hard time really appreciating them. I feel a lot of people have this issue.

We live in a society that is so fast-paced. We have instant news and 24-hour politics which means we’re being bombarded constantly! If you want to achieve anything, sometimes it feels like as soon as you do the next challenge arises and you’re stuck trying to keep up with something new. It’s exhausting, don’t you think?

Well, it’s time to slow it all down and remember all of those little things that might have slipped by! I recommend anyone reading this does the same because it’s healthy to be proud of the things you’ve worked hard for! I know I’m excited for all of the things you’ve done!

Without further delay, here are my personal achievements of 2018.

Early in 2018, the partner and I bought our “forever couch”. It’s probably the comfiest couch in the world.

I lost 15 kilos of weight.

Bought my first piece of latex ever from Busted Brand Clothing.

Started selling my clothes on Depop, which was a huge step on my sustainable journey but also in my closet journey! I need to get rid of things that I’m not wearing so that someone else can love them! I uploaded my first item in the first week of January too.

I watched the original Suspiria for the first time and it’s still inspiring me.

After years of biting my lip I finally started posting videos on YouTube!

Graduated University after six years of constant struggle.

Stepped down from my job and then I stepped back up into a higher role at work.

Spent a million hours practising the guitar! I learnt how to play Moana’s How Far I’ll Go, ACDC’s Highway to Hell, Radiohead’s Creep, The Rolling Stone’s Paint it Black and Tenacious D’s Tribute.

I bought a fog machine!

My wonderful friend Caitie started her online journal Baby Teeth and I got to come along for the ride! She was the first ever person to pay to publish my photography.

Discovered the wonder of classic metal and heavy rock. I love Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osborn.

Probably the skill that I’ve improved more than anything else has been my photography! Just looking back a couple pages of this blog you can see a really deep change in my skill level. I think that comes down to two particular things: 1. I started putting money into the technical side of photography with new lights and backdrops & 2. I started taking my photography more seriously and putting my heart and head into what I make. I feel like this last idea is the most important. It’s all about that mental change. Waking up one day and saying, you know, I really want to make beautiful and more meaningful photographs. I know I have a long way to go, but I can honestly say I have come so much further than I thought I was able to!

I spent so much time looking through all of my social feeds, Facebook, Instagram, Instagram stories to try and find all of those little moments to celebrate. If you were to look back, what would be on your own list? Come celebrate with me!

I’m wearing the Nosferatu dress by Deandri found VIA EBay.


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