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This cartoony flame top from The Ragged Preist is something very much out of my comfort zone! I saw it on their website months ago but decided that it was a personal style risk. And I typically reserve my style risks for things with harnesses and chains, you know?

But I decided to look the same piece up on Depop a week ago and found it for ten dollars practically brand new! It was an instant deal.

What do you consider a style risk for your wardrobe? I feel like shopping is all about risk! Will I actually wear this? Will it be comfortable? Will it last? Could I buy it cheaper? Second hand? Ethically sourced? It’s kind of amazing the amount of thoughts that go through our heads when we make a simple decision like buying a chiffon singlet! Or is that just me?

Also forgive the awkward posing and subtle “wrongness” of these photos. It was ridiculously hot that day (perfect for chiffon flame tops, I guess) and I had decided to shoot in direct sunlight because I make bad choices, obviously, but I forced myself to follow it through!

I’m wearing a second hand flame top by The Ragged Priest found VIA Depop, second hand ripped + fishnet mum jeans, platform Chelsea boots from Nasty Gal (I think), crusifix necklace from Dollskill.


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