I Have a Plant Problem

Almost a year ago I bought the plant that would start my current plant obsession. It was a Peperomia raindrop. Which was soon followed by an English Ivy, Hoya Carnosa, Monstera, spider plats, string of pearls and a couple varieties of philodendron…

Now I have 35 plants and counting!

Ever since I was really young I loved plants. We grew snap dragons, planted pine trees and had a huge aloe vera in our front garden. They’re all still there. I remember breaking leaves off the aloe plant on hot days to soothe my sun-burnt shoulders.

I tried to grow a couple plants in my first apartment. Most of them died. One in a long drawn out scene by my kitchen window. Another an air plant that fell behind the couch and was soon forgotten. I got it into my head that I was a plant killer, and always would be a plant killer.

Until my partners mum bought me a poinsettia for Christmas! A poinsettia is a Christmas bush. And I’m sure she thought I would treat it like a bouquet of flowers that would eventually be thrown away, it gave me the confidence to get another easy plant (my peperomia!) and then another.

Even though that poinsettia is dead and buried – let’s not talk about mealy bugs… – it’ll always be the plant that started it all.

What was the plant that started it all for you?


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