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So what is a babybat? Babybat; noun. 1. The name given to any persons new to the Goth (sometimes other) subculture, prone to making simple mistakes, but understands some history. 2. A young member under the age of adult-hood in the Goth subculture. Arguments There’s a lot of debate on what a baby-bat actually is, […]

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Blogger Challenge Thang!

Firstly, thanks Steph for tagging me this challenge because I really love doing these things!  My own photograph 5 Things you Need Everyday The internet or I would die immediately (alternatively I’d probably clean a lot). Do not come between me and my daily coffee(s). Coen, my partner. It’s entirely upsetting not having him around. […]

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Goth Friends And Others

This is a post in the series of The Goth Challenge altered by Darkstalker Girl from a former Lolita Challenge. Find more information here. Week thirteen to be exact. Don’t ask me why I skipped so far ahead. In life I’ve met quite a lot of Goths (and those that fit the bill but don’t […]

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Signs You May No Longer Be a Baby-Bat

You do not let colour define you. I’m not saying that only baby-bats wear completely black because that’s far from true! I’m saying that if you want to wear a pink shirt with your ripped stockings and boots one day, you wont have that little voice inside your head saying, “Oh, but that isn’t Goth.” […]

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