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Outfit Post: Voodoo & Winklepickers

I’m not quite sure how long I’ve been complaining/whining/wishing for winklepickers but that time is officially over! It’s been a while since I’ve bought a pair of shoes that I want to wear at all times and I thought they look in place with this semi-Voodoo inspired look; bones and feathers are a bit Voodoo-esque, […]

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A post shared by Winklepickers (@gothpikes) on Jul 2, 2017 at 2:25pm PDT So, maybe goth “kids” wouldn’t really be able to afford Goth pikes. But, none-the-less, I’ve been seeing these shoes everywhere on alternative style blogs, Youtube and instagram! Just check out their Instagram for just a sampling of all the cool goths wearing […]

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While reading through lots of 2014 outfit post roundups it got me thinking. Particularly after looking through Faiiint’s roundup and finding such a seamless sense of style through all of her pictures I started to wonder what ties my own outfits together. I’m so quick to change my mind on outfits and I can’t keep […]

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OotD: Summery Leopard Layering

The temperature is by no means summery, but I insist on dressing like it is. But it’s becoming increasingly funny wearing outfits like this for early-bird grocery shopping and coffee with Coen! I was wearing thigh-highs but I decided they made me look like a member of Flash-dance. Crop-top: EBay | Singlet: | Belt: […]

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Outfit Post: Am I Punk Yet?

This outfit is a bit of an assortment! We have something new, some things that are old and something you’ve never seen me wear as it was intended. But with leopard, denim, velvet and my trusty bone & crystal necklace, I’m pretty sure you won’t get too bored. That blue pole has been the bane […]

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