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Why I Stopped Taking Outfit of the Days | Outfit of the Day

How pretty are these photos! Looking at these beauties, it reminds me of the fashion and lifestyle bloggers I used to look up to when I first started taking outfit of the days. I tried so hard, but I could never get the same beautiful effect. Most of those professional style bloggers were hiring photographers to take their shots. I’m proud to say, I took this 100% myself, with my…


Vomit Heart

Today is the day I finally dyed the ends of my hair green! This is something I’ve been wanting to do for years. I first tried to bleach and dye my hair green waaay back in high school (over ten years ago, now) and, well, that was a huge mistake. But I learnt such a huge amount wrecking my hair when I was younger, that I feel this time around…


Re-organising my Oddities Collection | YouTube Video

I thought that after doing a couple YouTube video’s I would start to feel more comfortable speaking to a camera, but in reality, I am a very very quiet and reserved person. All of my quirkiness and weirdity just bounces around in my head and comes out in front of a couple of my closest people. But none the less, I made this little video of me re-organising my cabinet…


My Year in Review

I’m definitely the kind of person who looks forward, and is constantly thinking about how I can get better and meet more goals. But that often means that I don’t celebrate what I achieve! This year I achieved some pretty cool things! Small things and big things alike. But I have a hard time really appreciating them. I feel a lot of people have this issue. We live in a…


Sustainable Goth Fashion Haul

Early goths didn’t have Goth brands to wear, Hot Topics or Dollskill. They are the people who brought these brands into the world. Now it’s our time to take their lead, use our resources and change our culture for the better. We may not be forced to thrift in the deepest darkest realms of our rural towns anymore, stitching the rips in our oversized black shirts together with safety pins anymore, but we can still learn from their experiences!


Needleplay (Trigger Warning)

Just like every beginner just starting up in something new, I’ve been grappling with the want to just tell everyone and their mum about my new journey into needle play. But when it comes to something like piercing play and artistic piercing, it can be a harder question to mull over.When setting up this shoot I had a lot to think about. In what kind of a light did I…


Sleek | Outfit of the Day

Let me tell you, I have been trying over-and-over to film a “how to style harnesses” lookbook for YouTube, but I just cannot get it right! This is an outfit from that series that was apparently never meant to be. None-the-less I really love how these photos turned out. This skirt is a favourite that I’ve had for many many years. For a long time this skirt lived in the…



I debated whether or not to upload this look because it’s so similar to another look I posted a while ago! But I have to be real with you guys. This is basically what I wear everyday. I swap up the elements a bit. Change the socks, the t-shirt or change it to a blouse, and add different accessories or makeup. But essentially, this is my go-to everyday casual goth…


Teale Coco Widows Peak Crop Top | Review

Is this top lingerie or a functional everyday piece? I think both! The “Widows Peak” crop top from Teale Coco has been in my long term wish list. I just couldn’t figure out if it was something that looked good on the model or if I would actually wear it. Well, now that I’ve made the leap, I definitely think I will wear it.That’s because under the right top or…


The Best Black Friday Sales for Goths (and the Like)

In the past, I’ve absolutely loved other people’s Black Friday sales posts. I’m a bit of a shop-a-holic and wait around for these sales all year. They’re the best kind of sales for when you’ve been waiting around to pick up some of those more expensive pieces. This year I decided to make my own huge collection post! Of course, it’s annoying sifting through all those stores you find boring and…


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