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This pretty little tulle nighty has been in my vintage collection for probably two years. How soft and beautiful does it look? With pretty little pink flowers and a cute bow on the front! I wanted to capture the vibe in the soft look of the pictures. But of course I wanted to add in some of my signature odd vibe with my massive cow skull.


Decorating a Witchy Kitchen | Inspiration Board

This year has gone really quickly. I’ve been living in my new apartment for almost six months now. Yet, I still haven’t bought a dining room table or any form of table at all! My kitchen is lacking. I have a beautiful fridge and that’s about it. Considering how much time I spend in the kitchen – it’s actually my favourite room in any house! – I’ve put no effort…



It’s summer here and my yard is a little overgrown. But I don’t mind because it grows a lot of little flowers. It’s kind of magical in it’s own right.



Maybe you have had suspicions? You might have you’ve noticed that I am a little bit weird. It could have been my wall of belts and gags, or maybe even my collection of inspiration BDSM artwork on my Instagram. Whatever it was, I’m here to say, I enjoy a bit of tongue-in-cheek.When I saw this “Kinkster” sweater I kind of had to have it. On the one hand I’m supporting…



I took these photos a couple weeks ago and apparently never posted them! How good does my hair look here? I loved the purple! I need to find a good, long lasting dye that doesn’t bleed eveeeery where and keep it purple more consistently.How am I talking about my hair when these pants are literally everything about this photo. I bought these way too long ago from Mary Wyatt London…



Hey, sooo I’m not actually dead. I promise! Life has been crazy lately! In the last couple months lots has happened. My life has been too up in the air to be able to sit down and write anything cohesive. I went on a holiday, turned twenty-five, had a huge breakup with someone I had been with for ten years, started dating a new beautiful man, moved into a new…



I had fun with this look! Lately, I’ve been focusing on work so much, that on the weekend I want to really go-for-it when it comes to my other interests. It’s good to remind me who I am and that I hold value when I’m not meeting targets! Do you ever feel the same? While I am able to be my weird self at work most of the time (I…


Sanctuary | Outfit of the Day

It’s been so hot lately, all I’ve wanted to do is sit around in my underwear with all the blinds closed and some Bauhaus blaring until Springtime.And that’s exactly what I was doing when I noticed the light from under my blind peeking through and casting a beautiful amount of light onto my vintage red velvet chaise lounge. I couldn’t not take these photos!This set kind of reminds me of…


Dark Books for Dark People | YouTube Video

What’s darker than a good book? Ever since I was really young I was always the bookish type that lurked around the school library searching for Vampire young adult novels. One of my earliest memories is from before I started school. I wanted to be like my older brother who left me to go to school each day so I decided I would poke through encyclopedias and research Egypt and…


BURN | Outfit of the Day

This cartoony flame top from The Ragged Preist is something very much out of my comfort zone! I saw it on their website months ago but decided that it was a personal style risk. And I typically reserve my style risks for things with harnesses and chains, you know? But I decided to look the same piece up on Depop a week ago and found it for ten dollars practically…


Why I Stopped Taking Outfit of the Days | Outfit of the Day

How pretty are these photos! Looking at these beauties, it reminds me of the fashion and lifestyle bloggers I used to look up to when I first started taking outfit of the days. I tried so hard, but I could never get the same beautiful effect. Most of those professional style bloggers were hiring photographers to take their shots. I’m proud to say, I took this 100% myself, with my…


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