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It’s no surprise that I’m a huge fan of the YouTuber Grav3yard Girl. I picked up this shirt over a year ago (shipping took literally nine months). I was genuinely shocked when it actually arrived. While I was happy to see it in all it’s XL glory, it has been tucked away in my closet for a while. Until now. I decided it was about time to do something about…



  Winchester is a recently released supernatural horror movie based on the infamous Winchester Mystery Mansion. This mansion has been a site that has fascinated me for years. I even based my major creative work for my degree on it, along with the genre of Gothic Horror. So, obviously, I’ve been awaiting the release of this movie since last year! The movie itself exceeded my expectations. Unlike many horror movies,…



Have you seen those old Victorian photographs of mediums possessed with ectoplasm streaming from their eyes, ears and nose?  Check out this collection of “weird vintage pictures from seances” if you haven’t. I’m so in love with these kinds of photographs. In this set I tried to embody the spirit of these old photographs myself. It’s interesting because most of the mediums who used these techniques or spirit photographers who…


SPOTLIGHT: Little Dark Age by MGMT

I‘ve never been a fan of MGMT, but Little Dark Age by MGMT is something a little bit different from their older, popular dreamy, stonner electronic shoegaze style albums. Electronic music has been a huge favourite of mine at the moment, but this song also includes hilarious and amazing goth rock references. Just check out the lead’s totally Robert Smith inspired look! The dark aesthetic is perfect. It has an…


Beyond the Dark Veil: a Collection of Post-Morten & Mourning Photography | Review

Post-mortem and mourning photography sounds creepy, doesn’t it? While it has it’s creeps and quirks, upon taking one look at the pages of Beyond the Dark Veil even the most squeamish will see just how beautiful our long history of mourning can be! What is Beyond The Dark Veil? Beyond the Dark Veil is a collection of post-mortem and mourning photographs. Each have their own little descriptions and histories. Not…


Medusa’s Makeup Eyeshadow Swatches!

Can you believe this is how many eyeshadows I’ve collected in four months of the Medusa’s Makeup monthly beauty box? Okay, well, the older baked shadows (like the one I used so much the logo is literally rubbing off) I bought before, but the other ten came in this monthly box! Maybe you could tell, but in my last reviews of this Monthly Box, I haven’t been completely satisfied. But…



Mary Wyatt London is an independant dark fashion brand designed by no other than Nicole Mary Wyatt herself. A tattoo lover and owner of Parliament Tattoo, we can see a lot of this creep into her designs. Much of her work features the designs of tattooist Scott Move. But with a focus on embroidery, screen print, and minimalist silhouettes, what is it that really sets her designs apart from all…



Just imagine me pushing a grocery cart filled with tofu, blisters forming on my heels underneath my Current Mood bondage platforms. I’ve been dying to take some photos of these bondage platform shoes and this puffy sleeved blouse from sustainable brand Milk.It Vintage clothing, that I just couldn’t wait another day to do it! Which meant opting to break them in while wearing them to the grocery store. On the…


BDSM STYLE WISHLIST | Would you Wear Fetish Fashion?

Although I’ve been sticking to a romantic pallet these days, I’ve been inspired to add a touch of BDSM style to my looks. Adding little details amongst the chiffon dresses and white poet blouses creates a striking contrast! That’s what alternative style is all about, isn’t it? Creating lookings that break boundaries of traditional fashion? Then on days I’m really feeling it I can put all these little details together…



It’s been a while since I updated here! It’s only fair that I update with what I’ve been working on. I’ve been held up finishing up Uni assessments for the year, cultivating the ultimate Halloween plans and, of course, working. Here are some images of a project I’m really proud of, what do you think? I named it malady in reference to Victorian suicides and .illnessess. That’s because it’s a…



Ahhhhh! I still can’t believe I got to meet and hang out with these guys. Most of the Goths in these images I met several years ago when we all started a Goth blogger community. Although I’m the only one that still blogs, our little community is still together! This week we met up in Newtown’s Camperdown Cemetery for our first Australian blogger Goth meetup. This was when we all…


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