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The Darkling Tag

A post shared by Sarah Walrus (@sarywalrus) on Aug 5, 2017 at 10:13pm PDT After the post Ways to Boost the Dark Style Blogging Community by The Mutant Stomp Friends (check her out if you haven’t, she writes amazing dark style posts!), I got thinking about how disenchanted I have been with the dark blogging community. Dark style blog hops and community posts have been fair and far between. So,…


2017 Halloween To Do List for a Spooktacular Season!

It’s official! The countdown has begun! On July 23rd we cross the boundary into “less than a hundred days until Halloween”! And that means there’s only a hundred more days left to celebrate. Can we please just skip August and go straight into September? Or even better October! Are you starting to feel the Halloween spirit? I sure am! At the start of each Halloween season I like to make…



This is the second month I’ve received the Medusa’s Makeup Beauty Box. Suprisingly enough, I first found out about this beauty “box” in a Facebook advertisement. As soon as I found out that the shipping to Australia wasn’t awful I decided to give it a go! Honestly, that’s how simple it is to get my attention and make me try your products. Just make the International shipping less than the…



Cigarettes After Sex is an electronic slow-wave, ambient pop and shoegaze band. That’s a bit of a mouthfull, isn’t it? Basically that means it’s soft, slow and kind of grungy all at the same time. That’s my favourite kind of mix at the moment! The band first came together to create an EP called I. in 2012. This suprised me when I looked them up because their sound seems like…



Caitie and I finaaally went to the Helensburgh tunnels – an abandoned and supposedly haunted tunnel system near Sydney. There were actually so many people there! Lots of little kids making ghost noises, which wasn’t at all what I expected. Don’t we look like ghost hunters, being edgy, in the image above? Searching out mystery and … well, ploughing through a lot of mud. We didn’t really find anything mysterous…



A post shared by Winklepickers (@gothpikes) on Jul 2, 2017 at 2:25pm PDT So, maybe goth “kids” wouldn’t really be able to afford Goth pikes. But, none-the-less, I’ve been seeing these shoes everywhere on alternative style blogs, Youtube and instagram! Just check out their Instagram for just a sampling of all the cool goths wearing their shoes. They are Berlin shoe makers (with an online store) that specialise in handmade…



Lately, I’ve been rethinking my whole aesthetic! Which means that on my way to the perfect daughters of salem look that absolutely and undeniably fits me, I’ve been thinking a lot about how my current wardrobe is going to fit in. Just because I’ve been drawn to a new look style wise and with my household decor, doesn’t mean I want to throw out all the grungy clothes I already…


DIY | Creating a Goth Planner Cover

This is the second year that I’ve started religiously using a planner. Last year I had a generic polka-dot planner because I wasn’t sure if I would actually use it. I ended up writing in it every day! This year I couldn’t find anything that suited my personality and had the layout I liked. So, instead, I decorated my own and made a dark Victorian themed Goth planner! It was…


Lip Service Has Returned with a New Collection!

Did you know that Lip Service, the ultimate Goth brand straight from the eighties, is back with a new look? I didn’t know up until a couple days ago. The brand relaunched way back in April. It is shocking that I haven’t seen Tragic Beautiful or Beserk stocking their new collection. I’ve rarely seen them mentioned online! The revamped brand is now dedicated to Drew Bernstein, the founder of Lip…


BACK TO DEAD | Outfit of the Day ft. Killstar & Black Friday

This outfit has major back to school vibes. Which is a little bit awkward because I’m twenty-three! If you’ve been following this blog way back into my baby bat days, you’ll know I used to be alllll about those school girl vibes. I decided to throw caution to the wind because I really freakin’ loved the way this outfit turned out. What do you think of my outfit? Am I…


GOTH HAUL | The Witchy-est 4th of July Sales!

Even though I’m not an American (I’m Australian!) I took advantage of all the great sales and picked up a heap of things from my favourite Goth brands! No joke, I was having a massive Goth clothing obsession that resulted in this “Goth haul”. I headed to the Disturbia site who were having an awesome sale on their sale! Then I stopped off at Dollskill for a bunch of stuff…


Spotlight | Plan 9 from Outer Space

Plan 9 from Outer Space, formerly known as Grave Robbers from Outer Space, is a 1959 Sci-fi film considered the worst movie ever directed. It was directed by Ed Wood, a directed famous for his eagerness to direct, but failure to make anything seemingly proffessional, later immortalised by Tim Burton in the film Ed Wood. Saying all that I loved this film. First I watched Plan 9 from Outer Space,…


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