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Winter Skincare for Dry Skin + It’s Vegan!

It’s been two and a half years since I last posted about skincare or makeup. That is because I am by no means a beauty guru (are they even called that any more?). All I know, is that I know what works for me and I’ve tried out a lot of products that don’t! Maybe one of my winter skincare favourites will work for you too. Will These Products Work…


Subtle Victorian Doll Aesthetic + Accessories | Outfit Post

This outfit has exactly three accessories. Four if you count shoes. I don’t because they’re kind of essential. Why am I telling you this? Because typically in my outfits I wear at most one accessory. But there’s no arguing the kind of impact that accessories can make to an outfit. Take this one for example. In it’s barest form it includes a chiffon blouse and a pair of vintage tartan…


Hardcore Halloween Playlist for Goths 2017

It’s time for my Halloween playlist! Everything from silly Halloween music (Thriller by Michael Jackson) to Sympathy for the Devil by The Rolling Stones helps me get into the Halloween mood! Lots of these are old favourites, but some are new favourites. For example, Running with the Devil by Van Halen, Ghost Town by The Specials, Frankenstein by The New York Dolls, Graveyard Girl by M83 and The Death and…


Dress like a Vampire for Fall | Outfit Post

What better way to start the fall fashion season than to dress like a vampire? I mean, it doesn’t have to be nearing fall and Halloween for me to opt for black lace, chiffon and red velvet. If you’ve seen any of my past outfit of the days, you’d know that! But I feel as though this outfit combines all of my favourite fall trends into one outfit! In this…



When I bought these Halloween wax melts from Witch City Wicks (don’t worry, they’re going to restock soon!) I thought I wouldn’t have anything new to post about them as I had posted all about their Halloween candles last year. That was before the wax melt warmer I bought from them caught on fire and burned my table. Firstly, though, the wax melts. Witch City Wicks is an indie brand…



This month I opened up August’s Medusa’s Makeup Beauty Box and …. legitimately loved everything in it! The theme was a great one! Although they didn’t go into depth on it on the actual box. Each pieces implies the theme. Firstly, the Metal AF lip gloss in “Cherry Pie” ($11). Then the “Heavy” falsies ($9). The chrome eye shadow in the shade “Whatever” ($9). And even the loose shadow in…


Current Mood Lacey Slip | Outfit of the Day

This outfit has probably been one of the hardest outfits to describe in title form. On the one hand, I’m wearing a cute lacey and very witchy slip romper. On the other, I’m wearing literal mum jeans. Even with the mum jeans, I think this outfit still looks pretty romantic! These jeans have been a bit of a project for me. I’ve been trying to figure out how to wear…


Alice Takes a Trip Review | Bees Knees Ripped Jeans + Love Me Hate …

Alice Takes a Trip is an indie brand that changes up basic pieces like denim jeans and plain t-shirts with quirky designs like floral motifs, embroidered quotes and distressing. By the way, I’m describing them they sound so much more boring than they are! In reality, I think they’re a mix of Kinderwhore cute and grungy style. But I digress! I’m here to talk about two pairs of jeans I…


The Cemetery Gates | Antique & Oddity Store Spotlight

The Cemetery Gates is an antique and oddity store that caters to weirdos, antique lovers and oddity collectors like myself. Run by Nathan Graves, the store holds an array of antique funerary decor, lots of old tintypes, ambrotype and cabinet card photographs, taxidermy, old occult books and heaps more! The best thing about this store, in my opinion, is that they sell genuine products without over pricing them. On Etsy…


The Truth is Out There | Pinhole Photography

This semester, as one of my last, I decided to finally take photography! It’s a class that I have been meaning to take forever. But I kept flaking out because it’s out of my field. It was well worth it though, I’m starting to get really inspired in my photography again! For example in my my recent class I spent four hours photographing my friend Caitie and hanging out. (You…


The Darkling Tag

A post shared by Sarah Walrus (@sarywalrus) on Aug 5, 2017 at 10:13pm PDT After the post Ways to Boost the Dark Style Blogging Community by The Mutant Stomp Friends (check her out if you haven’t, she writes amazing dark style posts!), I got thinking about how disenchanted I have been with the dark blogging community. Dark style blog hops and community posts have been fair and far between. So,…


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