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Outfit Post: A Vegetarian at a Barbeque

As the title states, I was occupied with a very meaty barbeque today. Being a vegetarian I felt as if I were, well, a vegetarian at a barbeque! Today was a day filled with annoyance which I’d prefer not to remember so I’ll jump straight into my fashion post. I’ve noticed that my outfits seem to be lacking variety! I’ll be on that as soon as possible. One of my…


An IAMX Love Letter

Link Spit it out. Spit it out was the first song that I had heard of IAMX and at the time I thought it was nice but wasn’t very interested. It was first bright to me through a youtube subscription of my favorite industrial dancer, through which I found this band. The dancer posted a few videos, all of which I was eager to look at and my love for…


Black and White; A cartoon adventure.

My titles must be very misleading! This is just some of my artwork that I’ve been doing for a larger project piece. I’m obsessed with cartoon-esque black and white figures. It wont be long before I’m drawing cameos! Well, enjoy! Also, these are in the order in which I’ve drawn them, which spans three or four months. These were originally carrots, hence the carrots in nooses in the background. It’s…


Purple and Black, With a Touch of Red.

Accidental photo’s are the best This is just an outfit post for today as I’ve been completely boring as of late and my lip stick was only shipped yesterday as Canada post was closed for Easter. I was actually suppose to go to the cemetery today (I know, how stereotypical), as it is very large and old. The statues and headstones are amazing and beautiful, so I wanted to take…


A Goth’s Guide to eBay

Just to be straightforward this is only on the buying side, not the selling. I have no expertise in the selling of goods through eBay. As a teenage Goth from a moderately poor family eBay has been my best friend since I learnt how to make money from survey sites. EBay is a great site for anyone looking for a great bargain, a steel boned corset under a hundred dollars…


My week: IN PICTURE FORM. Featuring Kitty Lovett

This is my week, self titled, in picture form. Enjoy!  This was the best picture I could get of my new Gallery Serpentine corset! It’s a burgundy Velveteen, in the style of the Spanish Harlot. I found it less than a third of it’s original price on eBay!  Well, firstly. I can knock one thing off my list. The point of “do something with my hair”. I cut a fringe,…


PVC Demonia Swing-220’s.

Today is a day to be remembered forever. The day my first ever pair of platform boots were delivered. They’re a pair of PVC Demonia swing-220 and I got them for a bargain off eBay secondhand. These beautiful shoes were my boy friend’s present to me and I LOVE them to death. Demonia make great, comfortable shoes but are also reasonably cheap and are probably one of the most common…



Rasputina is a cello driven band, well known for their unconventional and outwardly quirky music which is often inspired by historical events, fashion (particularly the Victorian era) and stereotypes, often somewhat parodying these ideas. The three band members (Sarah Bowman, Melora Creager, and Jonathon Tebeest) could be classed as somewhat steampunk, dark cabaret, folk-esque and gothic at times though I prefer the term “Chamber Goth” or “Cello rock”. Transylvania Regurgitations,…


The Handy Guide to Gothic Nail Care

My nails of course aren’t the best in the world but recently I’ve been trying mightily to improve that aspect of myself. A few weeks ago whilst I was googling for tips on Nail Care I stumbled across a little website titled “Dark Wyccan’s Guide to Gothic Nail Care” and have lived off it for nail care tips ever since. This sometimes sarcastic website was written by the incredible John…


Gallery Serpentine: Web-store

Today I’ve been feeling overly ‘hyper’ today to be honest and I am in no mood to write a nice comprehensible blog post. So instead I’m going to add some pictures from my favorite website and store Gallery Serpentine. Gallery Serpentine is a web-store and physical store based in Australia (though it does ship world wide) that produces Australia’s number one quality Corsets. Nothing less than spiral heavy duty poly…


Outfit Post: Victorian student!

Well, tomorrow is a mufti day to raise money for the cancer council at my school. Basically we get to wear that of our choosing (within reason) for only a dollar or two dollar donation. Whilst I was trying on my outfits and picking the best one I took some photographs of the end result (which I absolutely adore) though considering it’s going to be a twenty five degree Australian…


Repo! The genetic opera

Back in 1996 two friends created short shows they preformed on stages around countless theaters. These were seen as very gruesome towards audiences and only gained cult success. These snippets of scenes that were set in the 21st century were later molded and shaped into what is now a stage play and movie/musical. This stage play/musical film was named Repo! The Genetic Opera. Repo! Is the story of a seventeen…


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