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Outfit: Bad Day.

Outfit: Dress: Fashion Fair. Coat: Second-hand. Petticoat: GLP Socks: Gallery Serpentine. Shoes: Kmart. Cardigan: Second-hand.  -Sary  My mum gave me a few of her hair hold-y things. One has a butterfly on it and the other a bow. Below are my new shoes that I picked up this weekend. One of the only things that weren’t second hand. They were on sale though!


The Ultimate Budget Goth

Some tips for all Goths alike. I am a very budget Goth as my make up and Clothes rely on my survey accounts and birthday presents. Here are some tips that I’ve both found and discovered here and there: Buy a good lipstick that holds and has a great stain. What’s the point of buying a lipstick if you have to re-apply ever ten minutes. The amount of times you…


Haridresser: Outfit

 This was an attempt at Kinderwhore and considering I only had half an hour to have a shower, do my hair make up, get dressed and have breakfast before we left, Damn you phone for not reminded me to set an alarm to wake me up, I don’t think it was completely horrible. Outfit: Dress: Second-hand. Fishnet top: EBay. Collar: EBay. Stockings: Mum. Boots: Kmart. The jacket I didn’t actually…


Undercut: Rojopelli

Today I went to the hair dressers. A place called Rojopelli and it was my first ever time getting my hair cut in a hair dressers, or anything in them at all. I was nervous and tripped over the seat. It was sad. When I told the women what I wanted she looked worried. I don’t know if it was because she had never shaved someone’s head before or shaved…


Outfit Post: A Little Bit of Nerd.

  Just an outfit that I’m wearing at the moment. I’m wearing that shirt as a dress because it’s quite long.  Outfit: Shirt: Kittys. Socks: Sock stall. Stockings: Mum? Tights: EBay. Boots: Kmart  All together this outfit cost all of about eight dollars. Bellow is the last picture I will take of myself before getting my undercut. Yay! I’m not wearing any make up so don’t judge me! -Sary


What. Where. What.

Source – This is a cartoon I found of Edgar Allen Poe when searching Goth toys on google images. Dear Lovely Readers, followers, stalkers or merely people that stumbled across my blog and thought, “Ooooh, this look interesting.” and followed me but were severely disappointed. I would like to compose some sort of challenge? Probably not a challenge because challenges deserve rewards but I’ve been trying to think of something…



We were asked to write a narrative for English to practice for exams. A great thing about this blog is that it really does help me with my writing. Before I started blogging I started almost every sentence with ‘the’. So, tell me what you think? It’s quite short.  -Sary My Journal Entry one: Hello. This is my first entry into my ‘journal’. Be warned, I’ve never done this before…


Fashion Experimenting

 I’m not completely happy with this outfit. I don’t particularly like the stockings that I paired with the blouse. Now that I think about it I would prefer a black sheer stripped stocking to go with it. I‘m alway’s trying to find a way to work this blouse into everyday where. Ever since I borrowed it, to wear to a seventies themed party, from my mum I’ve claimed it mine.…


Make up post: Just a Makeup Post.

This was just a ten minute make up job from a few days ago. I was really eager to try some green that day so here we go! This is just a bright deep green blended with a bright aqua blue, lined with black liquid liner and mascara. I tried a pop of colour on my bottom lid because it looked a little plain. These are some of my favourite…


Kinderwhore: My Next Favourite Fashion Statement.

wDon’t you just love Kinderwhore fashion? Well I do. I think it suits me a lot. …That sounded as if it have connotations I did not mean to suggest. Anyway, for a brief history and this time, I mean, BRIEF. “Kinderwhore was an image used by a handful of American female punk rock bands in the early/mid 1990s.” Straight from Wikipedia because I’m very lazy today. The Kinderwhore fashion contains…


Computer artwork: It’s not great but it’s somewhat of a …

 I first got into computer generated art recently. Probably last year. I haven’t made much progress due to my laziness. Here are just some pieces. Xary wanted me to put the only comic I’ve ever attempted and finished, it took twenty four hours, up here so I thought might as well throw in a little more.  First: My first ever computer work. Of course it’s drawn, scanned and then redone…


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