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Style Icon: Adora Batbrat

The well known Electro-Goth utube star, Adora Batbrat is a women of many talents. She has done some amazing utube tutorials on Goth make up; she’s an alternative model and a mother of three children. Adora Batbrat is a fond believer in the Montignac method and has a liking of lace stockings. But overall she’d have to be one of the best dress Goths to cross the internet. Adora Batbrat’s…


Lenore, the Cute Little Dead Girl

This is (in my opinion) one of the most adorable and hilariously creepy cartons and comics I have ever seen, created by Roman Dirge. Lenore, the Cute Little Dead Girl stars an adorable little girl named Lenore (of course!), who is based on the Poem Lenore and other contributing poems (For example The Raven) by Edgar Allen Poe, and her vampire dolly sidekick: Ragamuffin. Throughout the series we follow Lenore…


Store Review: Lovechild Boudoir

This is a store that I had been eying both on eBay and Etsy for a long time, though only recently found their online website. They have completely unique designs that include Victorian neck collars/corsets, bustles, corsets, breeches and even wedding attire. This store has a range of clothes that are extremely classy and vintage, great for a Victorian/burlesque tinge to any outfit. At first glance the clothing is elegant…


Jhonen Vasquez

Jhonen Vasquez, also as Chancre Scolex or Mr. Scolexs, an alternative cartoonist, comic book writer and director that currently resides in America. Vasquez has published some very darkly humored comics and TV series and continues to create great dark artwork. In his comic’s Jhonen Vasquez often breaks the borders of this comic with comments about the book or himself. He also includes side comics inside his larger comics featuring little…


The Wonderous World of Gothic Hats!

To be honest at first I was going to do a little blog post on Pillbox hats in the gothic scene. Then I realised, why limit myself to just those! There are many different types of hats worn in the scene, just as many as in mainstream fashion. Some outfits just don’t seem right without that little piece of magic that sits on top of your head. Top hats/bowler HatsTop…


Style Icon: Emilie Autumn

Emilie Autumn alongside her ‘Bloody Crumpet’s’ (including but not limited to: Captain Maggot, The Blessed Contessa, Naughty Veronica and The Lady Aprella) is a major fashion icon in the alternative scene. Her style is a mix of Victorian, cabaret and different styles of Goth with strong pirate influences sometimes referred to as “Victorian industrial” or even “Violin industrial”. You wouldn’t find someone dressed like this on any main street! Though…


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