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BACK TO DEAD | Outfit of the Day ft. Killstar & Black Friday

This outfit has major back to school vibes. Which is a little bit awkward because I’m twenty-three! If you’ve been following this blog way back into my baby bat days, you’ll know I used to be alllll about those school girl vibes. I decided to throw caution to the wind because I really freakin’ loved the way this outfit turned out. What do you think of my outfit? Am I…


GOTH HAUL | The Witchy-est 4th of July Sales!

Even though I’m not an American (I’m Australian!) I took advantage of all the great sales and picked up a heap of things from my favourite Goth brands! No joke, I was having a massive Goth clothing obsession that resulted in this “Goth haul”. I headed to the Disturbia site who were having an awesome sale on their sale! Then I stopped off at Dollskill for a bunch of stuff…


Spotlight | Plan 9 from Outer Space

Plan 9 from Outer Space, formerly known as Grave Robbers from Outer Space, is a 1959 Sci-fi film considered the worst movie ever directed. It was directed by Ed Wood, a directed famous for his eagerness to direct, but failure to make anything seemingly proffessional, later immortalised by Tim Burton in the film Ed Wood. Saying all that I loved this film. First I watched Plan 9 from Outer Space,…



Can you believe it’s been over a year since I posted an Instagram Roundup? How crazy is that! Over the past year I’ve moved out of my parents house, worked three different jobs, collected lots of new oddities, started playing guitar again (I hadn’t played since I was fifteen) and saw my favourite band, The Cure, live! It’s All About Goth Decor In these pictures you can see in the…


Finding Your Signature Goth Makeup Look

We all know that Goth looks are a little more complicated than moving between trad goth, romantic Goth and nu Goth. It takes time to find a signature Goth look whether that means big stompy boots or thin pencil skirts. Personally, over the last couple months while being so busy with life, I’ve fallen a little far from my roots aesthetics wise. It’s about time I changed my look a…


How to Shop on Depop + Tips for Avoiding Scammers!

If you follow my Instagram you’ll know I recently bought my first iPhone, which immediately meant I signed up for Depop! Depop is an app essentially like EBay (you buy outright rather than bid) or an online thriftstore. If you’re selling clothing you simply take a picture with your phone and upload it. If you’re buying you hook up your Paypal and it’s too simple! I’ve been using the app…


Spotlight: Gothic Homemaking by Aurelio Voltaire

What doesn’t Aurelio Voltaire do? Voltaire writes and performs hilarious tongue-in-cheek songs about the Goth subculture, nerd culture and everything spooky related (zombies, vampires, etc). He has written several books about the Goth subculture including: Paint it Black and What is Goth? And, now, he’s adding to all the fun with a new series on his Youtube channel called Gothic Homemaking. Now, I will start by saying that I am…


Goth Prom Night | Outfit of the Day

Last night Sarah and I headed up to a local bar for their monthly drag night. Before nightfall we just managed to take these pictures (that’s why they’re a bit grainy!). The theme for the night was red carpet or Gala. So we donned some thrift store bought blazers and bow ties, along with out favourite high waist shorts (I told you in our last ootd together that we tend…


Spotlight | Murdered for Being Different

Murdered for Being Different is a part of a BBC3’s hour long drama series in which it depicts real crimes that shook the world. For example, this week they released  the story of Sophie Lancaster and Robert Maltby who were two Goth’s attacked in a park because ‘they were different’. The story focuses on Robert Maltby’s recovery and his relationship with Sophie Lancaster before the attack, which helped him move…



Do you ever crave a new hit of dark fashion? I got to wondering a couple weeks ago, where did all the amazing Goth fashion bloggers go like The Ultimate Goth Guide and Juliet’s Lace (at least we still have The Everyday Goth!)? Unfortunately for most of us, life has got in the way. You might have noticed that I’ve been a little abscent, what with two jobs and University…



Ever since I got this Reformation turtleneck I thought it needed a little school skirt, witchy boots and dark makeup to make a totally The Craft inspired look. What do you think, did I pull it of? While figuring out this outfit, I conjured up images of Bonnie in her high turtleneck trying to cover up her scars. Plus a little little bit of school uniform. Because who how needs…



The semester has just finished, and after reading so many books I’m not used to sitting around idle! So, here’s a wishlist dedicated to spooky and goth books I want to pick up from Aurellio Voltaire’s Paint it Black to Beyond the Veil‘s Mourning Photography. Ghostland: An American History in Haunted Places by Colin Dickey “.. ghost stories reveal the contours of our anxieties, the nature of our collective fears…


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