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The bestie and I finally got a chance to don our Depop leather jackets for some outfit pictures and hang out time this week. We headed out for hot chocolates at my favourite coffee shop Hit N Run, ogled crystals and incense at the local witchy store and swatched a lot of NYX makeup. It was a day well spent! What do you like to do with your bestie? I…



Let’s take a trip into the past and check out the best of the best posts to find on The Walrus Room. I’ve been writing this blog for six years now. Looking back I found posts about my now five years old cat being born, my first Cure shirt and the first time I died my hair! Whether you’re new to this blog or have been reading for the whole…



In this outfit, I wanted to show off these amaaaazing new-to-me Unif boots! I found them for a quarter of the retail price and, best of all, they’re another piece that isn’t going to add to the growing pile of barely worn clothes that go straight to dumps globally. While getting these photos, the boyfriend actually made me walk up a huge rocky mountain. We went to a lookout to…


Is My UNIF Obsession Sustainable?

Lately, I’ve rediscovered my love of not only Unif Clothing but also Ebay. But while trawling through my many eBay searches and joining Unif Buy/Sell/Swap Facebook groups I’ve been facing a new question. Is this sustainable? Is it sustainable to search out a specific brand of clothing which isn’t ethically sourced? Even if it’s second hand? Here are my thoughts so far! It is second hand after all! Unif is…


Birthday Curios & Oddities Haul

It’s been almost a month since my birthday and I’m only now getting around to writing this oddities haul! This birthday I wanted to focus on adding some unique items to my collection. The best way I thought of getting back into collecting antiques is to hit up some of my favourite antique stores on the day itself. We went over the Blue Mountains in the rain and hit up…



Do you ever go in cycles of loving certain interests? I do! Lately, I’ve had a renewed obsession with curiosities and antiques. While some of my inspiration has been taken from Grav3yard Girl, another favourite source is Instagram; particularly an Instagram account called Thee White Witch (Melissa Semião). Thee White Witch is a amazing model of all things creepy and artistic, a photographer, a stylist and much to my joy…


UNDERCUT UPDATE #4 | It’s Actually Growing!

The last time I checked in with you guys about my experiment to start growing out my undercut it wasn’t going too well. That was in April 2016. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started thinking about this! Firstly, I started out with my hair plan. But I ended giving up and shaving my undercut down again (July 2016). I got back on track when I went…



For a long time, I had been searching for an amazing leather jacket to gift my partner. Over Christmas, I found the perfect one. It was a recycled leather (which brings a little of my ethics to the gift) and it’s also 100% badass. If you haven’t check out Deadwood before you are missing out. Rebellion today is standing up to fast fashion, ruthless mass production and distorted ideals. Deadwood…



My apartment has all white walls and all of my furniture is white as well. Let’s just say, that leaves lots to the imagination. Slowly I’ve been collecting interesting antiques to hang around the walls. Since I’ve been on my 99.9% project where I buy almost everything second hand and sustainably, I’ve become re-obsessed with collecting antiques and oddities on Etsy. Satin Floral Print – Brass Candle Holders – Edwardian…


OOTD | Victorian Revival Vintage Blouse

How about this overly frilly vintage blouse, though? I bought it off Nothing on TV. They call it a 90s does 70s Victorian revival shirt. At first, I thought it might be a bit too much but after it arrived I realised it was the perfect amount of old grandmother chic for a vintage blouse. What do you think? Layering it over a velvet singlet has been one of my…



The electronic band M83 has created music for movies like the Twilight Saga, Cloud Atlas and The Divergent series. But you know which films they’ve done best? Their own! I’ve become obsessed with M83 and their unique, eighties/nineties style music videos showcasing the traditional underdog story of a teenage outcast. What more could you want? Pet cemeteries, dressing up like a Halloween ghost, suburban settings turned sci-fi film. M83 has…


CURRENT OBSESSIONS 3 | Grav3yard Girl’s Room Tour, Shadow Hunters & Swamp Witchery

A post shared by grav3yardgirl (@grav3yardgirl) on Feb 18, 2017 at 1:01am PST It’s been over a month since I last posted a blog post! Actually, it’s been over a month since I watched a YouTube video, wrote a blog post or even took a picture that I wanted to share online. I’ve tried to distance myself from the online world, because I have trouble not falling into jealous patterns…


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