Spotlight: Gothic Homemaking by Aurelio Voltaire

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What doesn’t Aurelio Voltaire do? Voltaire writes and performs hilarious tongue-in-cheek songs about the Goth subculture, nerd culture and everything spooky related (zombies, vampires, etc). He has written several books about the Goth subculture including: Paint it Black and What is Goth? And, now, he’s adding to all the fun with a new series on […]

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Spotlight | Murdered for Being Different

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Murdered for Being Different is a part of a BBC3’s hour long drama series in which it depicts real crimes that shook the world. For example, this week they released  the story of Sophie Lancaster and Robert Maltby who were two Goth’s attacked in a park because ‘they were different’. The story focuses on Robert […]

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Welcome back to Alt Update! I can’t believe it’s been four months since my first (and last) post in this series. I wasn’t sure if I was going to continue Alt update, but this month has had so much amazing news for us spooky types! From aging punks to the trailer for Mrs Peregrines Home […]

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I think it was The Everyday Goth who first posed the question, where are all the alternative YouTubers? You know, the Goths, the Punks and all of those elder Goths from the eighties who want you to know that Goth is all about the music. Well, when the Everyday Goth posed this question, I realised, […]

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I found these two new pieces of taxidermy at an unbelievable price over at Ostrobogulous Curios. Both where labeled as ethically sourced, so how could I say no? They’re already settling into my collection! Find out more about my feelings on taxidermy in the unboxing above. I’ve never been a taxidermy lover, but I seem […]

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