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Caitie and I finaaally went to the Helensburgh tunnels – an abandoned and supposedly haunted tunnel system near Sydney. There were actually so many people there! Lots of little kids making ghost noises, which wasn’t at all what I expected. Don’t we look like ghost hunters, being edgy, in the image above? Searching out mystery […]

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Lately, I’ve been rethinking my whole aesthetic! Which means that on my way to the perfect daughters of salem look that absolutely and undeniably fits me, I’ve been thinking a lot about how my current wardrobe is going to fit in. Just because I’ve been drawn to a new look style wise and with my […]

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Goth Prom Night | Outfit of the Day

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Last night Sarah and I headed up to a local bar for their monthly drag night. Before nightfall we just managed to take these pictures (that’s why they’re a bit grainy!). The theme for the night was red carpet or Gala. So we donned some thrift store bought blazers and bow ties, along with out […]

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Ever since I got this Reformation turtleneck I thought it needed a little school skirt, witchy boots and dark makeup to make a totally The Craft inspired look. What do you think, did I pull it of? While figuring out this outfit, I conjured up images of Bonnie in her high turtleneck trying to cover […]

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The bestie and I finally got a chance to don our Depop leather jackets for some outfit pictures and hang out time this week. We headed out for hot chocolates at my favourite coffee shop Hit N Run, ogled crystals and incense at the local witchy store and swatched a lot of NYX makeup. It […]

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In this outfit, I wanted to show off these amaaaazing new-to-me Unif boots! I found them for a quarter of the retail price and, best of all, they’re another piece that isn’t going to add to the growing pile of barely worn clothes that go straight to dumps globally. While getting these photos, the boyfriend […]

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