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Ever since I got this Reformation turtleneck I thought it needed a little school skirt, witchy boots and dark makeup to make a totally The Craft inspired look. What do you think, did I pull it of? While figuring out this outfit, I conjured up images of Bonnie in her high turtleneck trying to cover […]

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4 Alternative Winter Essentials

For some people a beige trench-coat just wont do for the colder months. We need something a little darker, a little more interesting and something a lot more deconstructed. Here are four wardrobe pieces that I don’t think I’ll be able to live without this winter. Fur and Look by Martin Soulstealer Faux Fur Coat […]

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Three Goth Trends I Love

This is a post in the series of The Goth Challenge altered by Darkstalker Girl from a former Lolita Challenge. Find more information here. Some are against the concept that the Goth Subculture, like many other subcultures, has trends. I personally think that Goth has an some trends that are often influenced by what is […]

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