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The bestie and I finally got a chance to don our Depop leather jackets for some outfit pictures and hang out time this week. We headed out for hot chocolates at my favourite coffee shop Hit N Run, ogled crystals and incense at the local witchy store and swatched a lot of NYX makeup. It […]

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In this outfit, I wanted to show off these amaaaazing new-to-me Unif boots! I found them for a quarter of the retail price and, best of all, they’re another piece that isn’t going to add to the growing pile of barely worn clothes that go straight to dumps globally. While getting these photos, the boyfriend […]

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There’s something a little bit odd about this t-shirt and it’s 100% my style. I pondered calling this outfit death metal for a long while. It’s what the graphic on my t-shirt is saying. But the truth is that I don’t listen to death metal. Actually I don’t even like death metal. Now, death rock […]

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Ahhhh! The Halloween season is finally and truly among us! How hype are you? I had the best day! Browsing Halloween stores with the best friend, rocking this amaaaazing shirt that Kate’s Clothing sent me (it has pumpkins on it!), shooting this outfit at the cemetery, and finishing the day by catching a horror movie […]

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Is it too far to say that I feel these stripes depict the amount of vertigo I’ve been through over the winter. Too deep? Too convoluted? As I mentioned in my last post on how to express your inner Goth kid, I’ve not been feeling myself lately. Which is why I decided to force myself […]

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  I guess I just have a thing for indie brands that sell similar black t-shirts with occult prints. It all began with Blackcraft and now it’s onto Black Hope Curse. I blame Dollskill’s huge array of occult style clothes. How dare you provide for people with my sensibilities! Here is Australia we’re finally getting […]

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