Is My UNIF Obsession Sustainable?

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Lately, I’ve rediscovered my love of not only Unif Clothing but also Ebay. But while trawling through my many eBay searches and joining Unif Buy/Sell/Swap Facebook groups I’ve been facing a new question. Is this sustainable? Is it sustainable to search out a specific brand of clothing which isn’t ethically sourced? Even if it’s second […]

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Thrifting Tips

This is a response to this weeks Poll of the Week: Do you thrift? There’s still time, so don’t forget to take part! Just look to the right side of the page, at the top of the sidebar. I look forward to hearing your opinions. :3 Thrifting is just one of the many names of […]

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To Bid Or Not To Bid

As a simple five minute trip to eBay often entails; I was only looking to see a phone my boy friend was considering and BAM, I’m suddenly considering buying a second hand Gallery Serpentine riding coat, an under-bust corset and some Demonia platform Dolly shoes. Why must my self control be so restricted? I’m able […]

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